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Dear Sir/Madam,
we would like to inform You that the Legislative Decree n. 196 of the 30th of June 2003 (“regulatory code for the protectiuon of personal data”) provides for the safeguard of the person and any other subject in respect to the use of personal data.
According to the indicated norm,  such treatment will be imprinted to the principles of correctness and transparency and  protection of Your confidentiality and rights.
In respect to article 13 of the legislative Decree n.196/2003, therefore, we supply the following information:

1.The data from You supplied will be dealt only  with the purpose to carry out the services of touristic  reservation on the site “” and on sites affiliated to this service. In cases where You make a specific request, they will be used to send You information messages on commercial offers  (for ex. Newsletter)
2.The treatment will be carried out with electronic modalities
3.The bestowal of the data is compulsory, since without them, it is not possibile to proceed with the reservation. The lack of the bestowal determines therefore the impossibility to proceed with the correct closure of the contract.
4.The data supplied will be forwarded exclusively to the necessary subjects needed for the
accomplishment of the reservation contract. (for example the hotel chosen for the accomodation and any bank charge dispute). No one else, outside of the indicated subjects will be given any information
5.The holder is:

6.    For any other information regarding the protection of data    please send an email to the following address
7.    At any time you may excercise your rights in respect to the holder, as provided by article 7 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, which for Your review is provided below

Legislative Decree n. 196/2003
Article 7  Right of access to the personal data and other rights

1.The concerned person has the right to receive confirmation regarding the exhistance of personal data which refer to him/her, even if they haven´t been recorded yet and to have a comprehensive comunication of them.
2.The concerned person has the right to receive the following information:

a)Where the data has been originated from
b)The pur pose and the modalità by which the data is managed
c)The logic used in case the data is managed with electronic means
d)The identifing details of the holder, of the responsible people and the representative designated, as indicated in article 5, comma 2
e)The subject or the subject category to whom the personal data can be devolved or which may receive the data in their role as designated representative for the territory or nation of specific companies

3.The concerned person has the right to obtain:

a)the update, the change and if required the enrichment of data
b)the cancellation, the trasformation in anomyous form or the block of  the managed data which has been treated in violation of the law, including cases where it is not necessary to store data in relation to the purposes for which they´ve been obtained or consequently managed
c)the certification that the operations indicated at point a) and b) have been made known, their full content to those involved and to whoever has received comunication regarding the data, except those cases where it is clearly impossibile or the effort is too great in respect to the right to safeguard.

4.The concerned person has the right to oppose, entirely or partially:

a)for legittimate reasons, to the management of personal data which refer to him/her, even if they are referred to the pur pose of their gathering
b)to the management of personal data which are referred to him/her, for the purpose of mailing of advertising material or documentation which encourages direct sales or for market research or any kind of commercial comunication.