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I Brentatori

Via Santa Margherita 7/2
40123 Bologna, Italy
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brentatori_1Sunday, May 10th, 2015 the Art Hotel Commercianti has been the protagonist of an extraordinary historical and cultural event.

Our building, in addition to have been the first municipal building of Bologna and the seat of the school of Roman law, has been discovered to be the first seat of the Compagnia dell’Arte dei Brentatori, a craft-guild born in 1250 that was charged to transport and evaluate many varieties of wine. In order to underline this little piece of history of our city, we affixed a commemorative plaque in front of the Art Hotel Commercianti, in the exact place where the fist seat of the cratf-guild  had been opened.
Many important guest took part in the ceremony: the Minister of the Environment and Protection of Land Gian Luca Galletti, the Councillor for Economic Affairs and Promotion of the city Matteo Lepore, the director-general of Enit Italia Andrea Babbi, the deputy fire marshal Mario Prince and others.
Moreover, the event that took place in the evening was a success thanks to the well-known historian Marco Poli, who explained to the public the important role of brentatori in the medieval society, Carpigiani, that created a special red wine ice cream for the occasion, the restaurant Trattoria Osteria Buca Manzoni and the wine house Giacchero that organised a wonderful buffet.

A little bit of history about the Compagnia d’Arte dei Brentatori:
The Compagnia dell’Arte dei Brentatori, born in 1250, is one of the oldest craft-guild and it had a key role during the Medieval times:  thanks to their great experience, its members were the perfect judges to value the quality of wines they transported. They employed  the “brente”, a big container that they put on their back. If necessary, the Brentatori could become fire fighters, extinguishing fires with their “brente”.
The Compagnia dell’Arte dei Brentatori was legally recognized in 1407and they maintained the same public service that they had in 1250. In addition, they received the specific obligation to transport water with their “brente” in case of fire, following the signal made by the bell of the Asinelli Tower. The seat of the craft-guild was in via del Dazio del Vino, today via de’ Pignattari, where our Hotel is situated.