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Room with a story


Ask the reception to see the Junior Suite of Nettuno, the god of the seas that towers over the city’s most famous fountain, or the Junior Duchess, Vannini, Astrolabio, each inspired by a different theme … and why miss the Suite Glossatori dedicated to the scholars of the Justinian Code that for centuries held lessons right in our building? Each room has its own history, evidence of a past that deserves to be told and narrated, as in the rooms of the Cambiatore and the art of silk which are reproduced, with wall paintings and frescoes, drawings and descriptions of old shops from the register Demaniale ‘Statal Archive of Bologna’ (1585-1601).



The chamber of traveler:
do not be surprised if entering in this room you will find a luggage laying flat on the suitcases place: they haven’t been abandoned by the previous customer, some of these were found immured in the attic during the last renovation. Once restored, they have become a memory of past travelers …


Captain’s room:
It is a very peculiar room, looking at the ceilings, the original beams still bear the marks of an ancient fire, which may have played a decisive role in the destruction of the upper part of the old tower which completed this side of the building. On the walls, timber piles support the facade of the tower house above.




Junior Suite Deluxe Astrolabio:
This beautiful room has a wonderful view over the Gothic windows of the Basilica of San Petronio; it is named after the wide irony astrolabe that dominates the room from the ceiling above. On the walls,  mathematical games are inspired by the formula of Fibonacci and the golden ratio; an elegant design furniture creates a unique atmosphere that will surprise you. Bathroom are in precious red marble.



speciali_4Junior Suite of the duchess:Its name derives from the painting that hangs proudly on the fireplace; we cannot swear that this is a real duchess, but given the behavior, we like to think so. The room is decorated with frescoes  and on a pedestal stands an ancient mechanism of a clock from the train station, with the dial rebuilt with crystal. Bathrooms are in marble and in the courtyard there is a beautiful furnished terrace.


speciali_5Nettuno Junior Suite:
A romantic room with an elegant sitting area and a pretty irony bed:  this suite is named after the god of the sea, whose statue towers over the main square of Bologna. A blue wall with shell-shaped lamps takes up the theme of the sea, creating a warm atmosphere.


The Tower Suite: It is located in the oldest area of the building. The medieval tower has survived, truncated in the final part, perhaps as a result of the ancient fire that left many traces in the original wooden beams of the ceiling of the third floor. Inside the suite you can admire beautiful frescoes painted with an ancient technique, as the shield where you can still read the phrase “Weapons and dance …”  (armi e ballare…) part of a motto that celebrated  the glories of rich families now forgotten.



speciali_7Suite of the Glossatori:
It consists of two richly painted and decorated bedrooms, and one living room. The name of the room is a tribute to its history. As well as the seat of the Municipality of Bologna, the building was also home to the prestigious University at a time when the professors of Roman Law (glossatori) gave lessons in their homes.


They are located in an elegant building in the pedestrianized Via D’Azeglio, famous for exclusive shopping, a few steps from the main monuments of the city. You will have the comfort of a private apartment with the amenities and the breakfast of a luxury hotel; for any need you can contact the Hotel Commercianti ****, fifty meters away from you. Furnished with refinement and extreme attention to detail are equipped with every comfort, representing an optimal solution for stays of medium – long term in the heart of Bologna.



presepeOur Nativity: One of the most characteristic traditions of our hotel is the Presepe that is set up during the Christmas season. If you want to come back to Bologna and visit us, we recommend you to book at least once in December to see the beautiful statues in terracotta, handmade by the Neapolitan artist Angela Tripi. A curiosity regards houses and objects: they are all handmade by the owners of the Hotel that, every year, add a new part and new details to let it grow and to enrich the scene.


Our “Tired warrior”: Our indefatigable guardian, caparisoned to a heavy armor, has done its job by defending the entrance for nearly a hundred years, he never had a moment of rest, always standing vigilant and alert. Recently, given its advanced age, he was promoted as caretaker of the cash, a task that plays with relentless determination, but do not let that scare you, if in order with your payments, he lends itself willingly to be photographed with our guests.guerriero_stanco


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